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I’ve been on a journey of self discovery and energy awareness ever since I can remember. As a child hailing from New Jersey, I loved to explore and have as much fun as I could imagine. Whether that meant staying at the local swim club from open till close, or creating new games with my friends, I truly lived the joy of being a kid. And I loved to discover!! That thirst to discover continued as I grew up. 


Then, somewhere along the way, I realized just how sensitive I was to energy in general. From emotions, to sensations in my arms, to “vibes,” I wanted to discover what was going on and what I was experiencing. I finished up college and headed out to Los Angeles to pursue all things creative and dive deeper. 


I dove into books, articles, podcasts, speakers, documentaries and movies to continue to enlighten myself as to what this experience of life really was…and is. As I discovered more and more about myself, my journey became about perspective. I started to see things differently and open up to other thoughts as to what I was experiencing.


As I continued to grow, I realized that the “obstacles” I once experienced in the past were actually opportunities to awaken to new perspectives. The limited perspective I saw at that time gave me limited outcomes and created walls, fear and pain. As my awareness expanded, so did the possibilities…and so did my gratitude. I began to see that life gives us plenty of chances to awaken to remember what we ALL are…spiritual beings having a human experience. 


This was freeing because neglecting what we truly are affects so many aspects of our being. Getting out of our own way is a huge part of personal growth…or actually the only part! 


Life is actually BIAS toward us remembering what we are and it gives us endless opportunities to do so. Any trigger or fear is a cry for a new definition about how we define our reality. As we redefine the old into the new, we begin to see our authentic selves. It’s from our authentic selves that we can operate the way we were meant to operate. 


I don’t believe that we were meant to filter things through a fear based mentality. In general, I feel we’re here to love, create, grow and experience. Success, to me, is when those things happen. Life then becomes about choosing the direction of love over fear. 


As I worked toward my authentic self, I reclaimed the personal power I once put outside myself…and so can you. The passion for energy awareness led me to become a certified Reiki Master, along with certifications in Color Therapy and Sacred Geometry. The tools of energy awareness and perspective have been a wonderful way to rebalance and discover the master within. A master awaits to be discovered within each and every one of us as the self discovery marches on…

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