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Mt. Shasta, a perspective on just being…

Mount Shasta rests in Northern California, just off the 5 freeway. In one sense so accessible, yet in another it’s magic still seems fairly unknown. Regarded as the Root Chakra of Earth, this powerful energy spot rivals sacred areas like The Great Pyramid, Machu Picchu, Uluru, and Mt. Kailas in Tibet. As a Los Angeles resident, Mt. Shasta is practically in my backyard compared to those other places . A 10 hour drive north and I was there. It’s beauty can be seen well before the offramp exit and from there it’s just a short drive through the small town and up the mountain. Everything seems small when it comes to being in the proximity of this wonderful mountain. I’ve camped there now a couple times, both in the sacred Panther Meadow. And when I say sacred, I mean SACRED. The local native american tribe there believes that creation started there…yes, started. Talk about sacred! Oddly enough, it’s also the same spot in which Guy Ballard had a mystical encounter with a man that identified himself as St. Germain in the 1930’s, thus leading to his “I Am” movement. Many Japanese are also drawn to the mountain as it’s also seen as the sister mountain to Mt. Fuji. This is just SOME of the folklore about the mountain…believe me, it gets much more interesting should you continue to dig!

Being the earth’s root chakra, this mountain, and experience for that matter, is incredibly grounding. Already being sensitive to feeling the highs and lows of life, the best way I can think of to describe how I felt while I was there was - even. I also felt relaxed and balanced. No ups, no downs. It reminded me a bit of my time in Sedona, yet different. Just as nature supports us, it was as if the energy there was saying, “you’re okay…I’ve got you.” And knowing the history of this mountain, I wasn’t surprised. This is a healing place. It’s a healing mountain. It’s concentrated energy offers a vibration that allows us to even out, so to speak. But what I took the m

ost from this experience was that the mountain didn’t have to DO anything to be healing - it just WAS/IS. The mountain was just BEING and people are called to it from all over the world to soak in it’s frequency. Wow, let’s think about that for a second. Our days tend to fill with “stuff” that takes us out of our bodies. We mentally go places and leave home base. What would it feel like to just BE? We’ve all been there some of the time. I’ve been there at times. You’ve been there at times. But I don’t think that it happens enough…enough to keep us balanced. We tend to prioritize many other things in our life that can actually compromise our health…but guess what? If we’re not around to enjoy the fruits of our labor, then what’s the point? We make ourselves sick, create disease, all in the name of working toward some version of success we bought into. To me, success must involve our health and wellbeing. If we prioritize how we feel, then our lives become about keeping that feeling going…for the sake of feeling good, nothing else. Feel good because you want to feel good. If we put our “feeling good” in the hands of a person or situation, we put the power into that person or situation. The problem becomes - if that reason is taken away, then so goes our good feeling. If we decide to feel good for no other reason then to just feel good, then our personal power stays within.

It’s extremely helpful to tap into the “whys” of our motivations to do what we do because many times old definitions that didn’t come from us still rule our world. As kids, we absorbed energy and concepts that came from our parents and our surroundings. It makes sense because at a young age, we completely depend on these people for our survival. But what is very helpful to understand is that those concepts may not have come from a place of balance. Most likely, our parents “stuff” came from their parents, environment and society at that time…and they got it from their parents, environment and society and so on. The point to all of this is this - does this current definition you hold still apply? Does it still serve you? If so, then great…you’ve revisited it and it still works. But most of the time the definitions do not work for us anymore, even if they really ever did in the first place.

Balance comes from a place of who we are at our root. It’s our natural state. It’s a place that we have access to any moment if we choose not to let the limited perspective of ourselves or others dictate our lives. Opening up to larger perspectives, bigger pictures and a grander awareness gives us the opportunity to relax into the flow of life without judgement. Coming from the place of “you’re okay…I’ve got you,” we can create a reality that’s in harmony with what is. After all, It’s our definitions that shape our reality. How incredibly freeing when you then ask yourself, what definitions do I choose? What kind of reality do I want to experience?

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