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Sedona, a perspective on balance…

When I heard about Sedona, I couldn’t wait to go. Natural beauty? In. Hikes? Of Course. Energy Vortexes?! You betcha. The backdrop of the city is really the first thing I noticed when I got there. Let the picture taking begin! I’d like to say I continued to refine my photography skills during my time there, but who am I kidding - it’s tough to take a bad shot in Sedona. I encourage you to go ahead and try. You’ll see color hues in the rocks that couldn’t possibly be named yet. I shot landscape after landscape. I felt like Sedona’s version of Ansel Adams…in color of course. I was Ansel Adam.

Sedona looks fake. There, I said it. It might as well be since it was used as the backdrop for many Hollywood films years ago. I completely understand why Hollywood wanted a piece of the action. But eventually the secret got out…the secret of how special a place Sedona looks and feels. At least that’s the modern story of it. I don’t doubt that natives settled in the area for similar reasons, along with ones that may be too difficult for many of us to grasp. You see, natives - everywhere - seemed to have known many things about the nature of life…Things that our science world has only recently been discovering to be true.

But I must say, I’m glad that the science world is catching up. In a world heavily polluted with technology, it’s the science-minded folk that could stand to be explored to the magic of our universe…a magic that the ancients have been telling us for years. Wait a minute, do I hear wedding bells between Science and Spirituality?? Bring on the save the date! But let’s be honest…this is a very new relationship. Science has had many growing pains early on, so this level of maturity that it’s in is even newer…we don’t want to scare it away. Let’s just let the courting continue and let things play out naturally.

The merging of these two worlds was something I can relate to personally. I’ve always enjoyed science. I’ve always been drawn to spirituality. What really made things click for me about Reiki when I first began my journey in the healing world was the idea that at our base level - smallest of the small, deepest of the deep - we’re just energy. That’s it. Everything…is…Energy. So when it came to Reiki and accessing this life force that’s all around us - essentially becoming a tuning fork to higher frequencies - it made “mental” sense to me.

Apparently that’s what I needed based off of my experiences at the time. I dove into the quantum world and read books and about experiments such as the Double Slit Experiment to increase my awareness as to what science was discovering. Needless to say, it reshaped my limited view of the reality we experience. And the reshaping continues.

Given that everything is energy, there are areas on earth that are more concentrated than others…like Sedona. Sedona is essentially an energy vortex in and of itself, but within the city there are dominant areas where the energy is supposed to be the strongest…4 major ones. One of the ways we can see nature respond to these strong energies is how the Juniper Trees grow in the area. The twisted growth of the tree bark is every evident throughout the vortexes. I visited the 4 major sites and was able to spend some time to reflect in each of them.

It’s not always easy to describe some of the feelings I get, but I’ll do my best. For me, this energy had sort of a buzzing feel to it. It felt multidimensional and galactic…as opposed to, say, an overall grounding feeling. Not that it wasn’t grounding. Such a place definitely has an earthy feel to it. But If I wanted to meditate and tap into the cosmos, this seemed like a good energy to be in to facilitate that. With the buzzing feeling in my head and the red rocks on my feet, I immediately felt like this was a place of total balance. It evened out the frequency highs and lows for me. Ahh, the middle ground. This felt nice.

With life’s ups and downs, it’s important to be able to recalibrate and not get too caught up in the emotional roller coaster because if we come from a place of balance, we’re able to move forward and make decisions that reflect just that…balance. Nature does it. The cosmos does it. We do it. This is a feeling we’ve all had at one time or another. I would venture to say that that’s how we started out…in balance. And we have the ability to call up that feeling - that frequency - that state of being - whenever we want. We’ve logged it somewhere within our being through an experience.

That feeling of balance, or any feeling for that matter, is just an intention away. Sedona reminded me of that. Sometimes we can get caught up in all that life throws at us…creating imbalance, losing focus…and it takes the choice of coming back to the ONLY moment that truly exists…this moment right now.

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