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Divine Being, a perspective on who we are…

What if, for the moment, we open to the possibility that we are divine beings, sons and daughters of God, and pieces of the Creator? And we recognize others on this trip as our family, not to be further separated from, but brought closer to, remembering that divinity within them as well. As we begin to remember, we still see those parts of us and others that are still left in the dark, but we can react much differently. Anything or anyone that may have knocked us down in the past only worked because of our limited view of what is actually happening here and who we are.

Being a divine spirit, we no longer need to feed into power struggles among others to find our rightful place in the world. We know we belong. We know that recognizing ourselves as a piece of the Universe is all we need to keep our self-worth in tact. It is a choice, sometimes conscious sometimes not, to allow our self-worth to be tampered with.

Knowing our true worth and having that cultivated as we grow would make this world a different place. Instead of an 'Us vs. Them' mentality, we begin to recognize that the 'Them' is our brother or sister, living an Earthly life and being given opportunities to remember that divine spark within as well. Challenges arise, whether directly or indirectly, giving us an opportunity to get in touch with our true nature. The time has come to shed what's been ingrained in us over many years and reclaim our worth - all of us. It is a choice. It's a choice to believe we are not divine and a choice to believe we are. What feels right?

No longer do we have to be a victim of other's energy. We can be responsible for our own energy instead of giving it away, or accepting a vibration that goes against our own. Living as a piece of the Creator holds each of us accountable to our own behavior. Conversely, putting that divine energy outside of ourselves gives the unfortunate opportunity to act in inappropriate ways and ultimately pass those human mis-creations on to someone else, strengthening duality. It can be a scary thing for us to be held accountable and most prefer not to. In that case, human mis-creations continue under a limited consciousness that are still feeding on power struggles and survival, trying to find a place in the world.

We all belong and when we begin to realize our true nature, we'll see ourselves and others in a different light. The power struggles go away. The self-worth games go away. Accepting ourselves as eternal beings dissolves the constant survival mode we tend to live in. New consciousness brings new solutions as the old energies fade away. Integrity returns. Doesn't that sound like a world most would rather live in? It's possible. It's a choice.

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