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Grand Canyon, a perspective on time…

What can I say about the Grand Canyon that hasn’t been said already? What can I share with you that does the actual experience any justice?! Probably nothing. And I must warn you…my pictures will not even come close to the awe inspiring view you can see with your own eyes. I will never forget the first time I saw the Grand Canyon…I literally gasped. Yes, I used the word literally…and I meant it. It’s is still to this day - the only time my breath has been taken away from me. I actually thought it was just an expression…nope. Gasped, no breath.

I’ve been lucky enough to go back and was still in shock at what I was seeing. Maybe it’s just too much for our brains to take in - such a grand scale of a thing. It’s a lot to soak in. But not just in size…also beauty.

The beauty of the Grand Canyon is unparalleled. There’s nothing on Earth like it. The layers of the rock all tell a story. There’s a specific history to each layer, with a color to match. Add in a sunset or a sunrise and you have something beyond words. Again, it must be experienced to truly know. This is a beauty that words have not yet been created for quite yet. But when you think of such a grand, beautiful and natural wonder, you can’t help to think about what created it…and how long it took.

Such a magnificent wonder was not created over night. Forget about Rome not being built in a day…this canyon took millions of years! Talk about patience! With the earth’s crust pushing up and the flow of the Colorado River carving down, this beauty grew more and more spectacular OVER TIME. And it has layers of rock records to prove it.

When I think about time and our experience of it, I try to grasp the idea of it being a linear creation for us…by us. It helps us make sense of things and plan out our day. But does it really exist? Can we really say that there is a “past” or a “future.” Science and spirituality will both answer “no” for their own reasons. Time, does not exist outside of our 3D experience.

Wow, what a humbling thought. How often have we gotten caught up in thinking things HAVE to happen on a time frame we created? How often have we taken ourselves out of the only moment that there actually is - the present - to dwell on the “past” or worry about the “future”? It happens all too often. It’s as if we’re saying we know enough about reality and the bigger picture to know something is wrong with the timeline we’re experiencing…and it needs to change. What then? We fight with reality. We fight what is. And we lose…every time.

If something SO significant like the Grand Canyon can be seen as a growing beauty over time, then why not other things in our lives? Why not trust the Universe? If we can look back and remember times when we judged an event “wrong,” only to discover later on in life how absolutely perfect it was that it happened that way…then why can’t we see that perfection in what we’re experiencing right now? Again, why not trust the Universe?

If time is a mental construct, then it must not relate to us in our highest energetic form. Our highest energetic form - some call our soul or higher self - exists outside of time, thus operating from a space that can see all the potential moves at once…just as we can see the whole history of the Grand Canyon within it’s layers all at once. Instead of looking at one layer and judging it because we don’t see the whole picture, pull back to see that bigger picture. Pull back to see the grander scale and ask yourself how could this situation - whatever it may be - fit with the bigger picture? If you don’t have an answer, it’s still helpful to understand that there IS a bigger picture…as there always has been.

Perspective allows the flow of life to reveal the most beautiful timing of things. Patience allows the flow of life to reveal the most beautiful aspect of ourselves. Our task then becomes trying not to judge the small event in front of us so we can then open up to the perfection of the bigger picture.

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